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Leila + Robbie

The Bath Club, Miami Beach

Leila and Robbie's spring wedding at the stunning Bath Club in Miami Beach was nothing short of magical. With a nod to Persian tradition, their wedding featured a magnificent traditional Sofreh Aghd, a true centerpiece of cultural heritage. As the floral designer for this extraordinary day, our mission was to capture the essence of a wild, overgrown garden, and we did just that.

The focal point of their ceremony was a colorful deconstructed floral arch that seemed to burst forth with life, as if plucked from a secret garden. Along the aisle, we created a lush floral bed, delicatly color-blocked to create a breathtaking ombré effect. As Leila and Robbie exchanged vows under this living canopy, it was as if nature itself was blessing their union. When the ladies of Events by Elle came to us with this ceremony design we were instantly intrigued. In our decade and a half we hadn’t done a Sofreh Aghd before. The word “sofreh” means “spread” and “aghd” means “ceremony”. The ceremonial traditions have been practiced for thousands of years. While we did not design the spread we decorated the surroundings to provide the couple and their guests with a lush floral landscape. The spread was designed and setup by Sofreh by Sholeh

Below we listed just a few of the many items used in the spread and their meaning.

|| AYEENEH {Mirror} ||

Represents bringing light + brightness into the future for the married couple. Traditionally the couple look into the mirror together.

|| SHAMDOON {Candles/candelabras} ||
Symbolize energy + clarity in the couple’s life together

|| TOKHMEH MORGH {Eggs} ||
Represent fertility for the couple

Beyond the vibrant florals, this wedding was a feast for the senses. The couple's choice to incorporate fruit into their tablescapes added a unique touch of opulence, while the gentle glow of candlelight enveloped the entire venue, casting an enchanting and romantic aura over the celebration.

Leila and Robbie's embrace of film photography for some of their images added a relaxed vibe to the event, capturing the essence of their love in a timeless manner.

Without a doubt, this is the kind of wedding that everyone wishes they were on the guest list for. It was a day of love, tradition, and breathtaking beauty, and we were honored to have played a part in making Leila and Robbie's wedding dreams come true.


Planning | Events by Elle

Photo | PS Photo Films

Film | Mels films

Florals | Ever After Design

Ceremony | Sofreh by Sholeh

Rentals | Atlas Event Rental

Paper goods | KelseyKelley Designs

Dessert | Et cakes

Venue | The Bath Club


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