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Meredith + Will

Vizcaya Museum and Garden

Meredith and Will's wedding at the picturesque Vizcaya Museum and Gardens was a study in contrast and surprise. The couple's clever choice of a white and greenery color scheme for the ceremony set the stage for what would become an unexpected burst of color at the reception, leaving guests in awe.

he reception tent was transformed into a breathtaking paradise. A ceiling adorned with romantic hanging greenery created a dreamy atmosphere that transported everyone to an enchanted garden. A striking floral installation suspended over the family's royal table served as a captivating centerpiece, ensuring that no detail was spared. The table itself was a masterpiece, adorned with an abundance of candles and a lush garland that resembled a miniature garden, providing an intimate and romantic atmosphere.

One of the most charming features of the wedding was the inclusion of a beautiful swing, elegantly adorned with flowers and greenery, suspended by ropes that seemed almost ethereal. It added a touch of whimsy and a unique focal point to the celebration, delighting guests as they marveled at the creative design.

Meredith and Will's choice of unique flowers and chinoiserie vases added a sense of elegance and cultural depth to the celebration. The juxtaposition of these elements created a wedding that was not only visually stunning but also a reflection of the couple's personalities and love for beauty and surprise. Their wedding was a true testament to the power of design and imagination, leaving an indelible mark on everyone fortunate enough to attend.


Design & Flowers: Ever After Floral Design ​Venue: Vizcaya Museum and Gardens ​Planning: Jennifer Johnson

Photography: Evan R Photography


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