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Jo Malone

Miami Beach

An exclusive dinning experience for fragrance brand jo Malone

Iconic luxury fragrance brand Jo Malone chose us to curate the exquisite florals for their exclusive private dining experience at Casa Tua in Miami Beach, blending our expertise in floral design with their renowned scent expertise, creating an unforgettable sensory journey for their esteemed guests. Our carefully crafted arrangements enhanced the ambiance, elevating the event to an enchanting olfactory and visual masterpiece.

Creating floral masterpieces for Jo Malone's exclusive event was a dream, aligning our passion for artistic expression with their timeless elegance and exquisite fragrances.

English garden flowers in a flower shop

Wild floral arrangement featuring hanging clementines

In crafting our floral designs for Jo Malone's event we skillfully intertwined the brand's signature fragrance notes, expertly infusing delicate floral and fruit accents that harmonized seamlessly with the essence of the scent. This meticulous approach not only complemented the fragrance but also paid homage to the artistry of English floral design, resulting in a truly enchanting and cohesive olfactory experience.

An exclusive dinning experience for fragrance brand jo Malone





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