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Jessica + Leo

Pérez Art Museum Miami

Welcome to the extraordinary wedding of Jessica and Leo, a love story that unfolded against the stunning backdrop of the PAM (Pérez Art Museum) in Miami. Their wedding was nothing short of a masterpiece, combining the timeless elegance of a museum with the vibrant beauty of their love.

The ceremony was a testament to natural beauty, with organic garden-style florals in delicate shades of old white and lush greenery. These enchanting blooms created a romantic and ethereal atmosphere, perfectly complementing the artistry of the museum. As Jessica and Leo exchanged their vows, they were surrounded by the fragrance of fresh flowers, and the scene was straight out of a fairytale.

For the reception, the couple chose a bold and bright color palette dominated by shades of vibrant orange. The centerpieces were a true highlight, featuring lush garlands of orange marigolds that gracefully spanned the length of the tables. These vivid blooms added a burst of energy and warmth to the evening, contrasting beautifully with the museum's sleek architecture. As the sun dipped below the Miami skyline, the romantic candlelight added an extra layer of enchantment to the celebration.

Jessica and Leo's wedding at the PAM museum was a fusion of art, love, and vibrant energy. It was a day where two souls united in the presence of beauty, both natural and artistic. We invite you to explore their gallery and immerse yourself in the brilliance of their unforgettable day.


Planning | Events by Elle

Floral Concept & Design | Ever after florist

Photo | Amy & Stuart


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