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Dara + Jeff

Miami Beach Edition

Dara and Jeff's wedding was a sweet and elegant affair, featuring a soft and inviting color palette of peach, pink, and cream. Their choice of colors set the stage for a warm and romantic celebration.

The chuppah, where Dara and Jeff exchanged their vows, held a unique touch. It was adorned with branches incorporated into the design, adding a natural and rustic element to the ceremony. This creative choice symbolized the couple's union and the growth of their love.

The floral arrangements were nothing short of spectacular, with lush and full blooms that enveloped the space in beauty. Bridal arrangements cascaded gracefully over the tables, creating a stunning canopy of greenery that embraced the guests. It was as if nature itself had joined the celebration.

To amplify the enchantment, the couple adorned the dance floor with abundant greenery. The lush greenery hung gracefully above the dance floor, creating an ethereal atmosphere that invited everyone to dance beneath the stars.

Dara and Jeff's wedding was a testament to their sweet love story and their eye for beauty. From the soft color palette to the unique chuppah design and the lavish floral arrangements, every detail spoke of their love and their desire to create a day that was both elegant and unforgettable. It was a celebration of romance, nature, and the beginning of a beautiful journey together


Design & Flowers: Ever After Floral Design

Photography: Alee Gleiberman Photography

Planning : Always Always Events

Venue: Miami Beach Edition


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