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Jackie + Luke

Saddle Rock Ranch, Malibu

Jackie and Luke's wedding was a captivating tale of two coasts, a celebration of love that seamlessly blended their unique personalities into a floral masterpiece. With Jackie hailing from vibrant Miami and Luke representing the picturesque California, the flowers played a crucial role in telling their story. To symbolize the union of these two distinct worlds, we artfully incorporated elements from both regions. The lush Monstera leaves and exotic orchids from Miami lent a touch of tropical elegance, while the cactus and delicate peonies, along with the soothing scent of eucalyptus, embodied the spirit of California.

In the quest to create a wedding that truly represented the essence of Jackie and Luke, our journey took us from the sultry streets of Miami to the sun-kissed landscapes of Malibu. The fusion of these two coasts was not just a concept; it was a journey of love and dedication. Our team embarked on a floral adventure, traveling from the vibrant streets of Miami to the picturesque beauty of Malibu. We were determined to bring the essence of both worlds into the wedding design, and that meant sourcing flowers from each locale. In Los Angeles, we had the incredible opportunity to explore the renowned LA flower market, where we handpicked the freshest blooms and botanical treasures. We also made arrangements to source garden roses grown right in the heart of California, ensuring that every petal was a testament to the state's natural beauty.

The ceremony was a vision atop a hill, beneath a beautiful arch that framed the couple against the backdrop of majestic mountains. It was a moment of pure enchantment as they exchanged vows in the embrace of nature's beauty.

For the reception, guests gathered in front of a charming cottage, where the color palette of pinks and peaches came to life. These hues perfectly mirrored Jackie's vibrant, kind, and bubbly personality, infusing the entire celebration with a sense of joy and warmth.

This wedding was not just a union of two souls but a harmonious blend of two coastal worlds, captured in the language of flowers. It was an honor for our team to bring this vision to life, and we wish Jackie and Luke a lifetime filled with the same vibrancy and love that illuminated their beautiful wedding day.


Design & Flowers: Ever After Floral Design ​Photography: Donna Irene Photography Venue: Sadle rock Ranch Panning: Orange Blossom Special Events Signage: Hawaii Calligraphy

Bridal Dress: Monique Lhuillier ​Rentals: A Rental Connection


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