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Adrienne + Olli

The Confidante

Adrianne and Ollie's wedding at the Confidante Hotel was a vibrant explosion of color and a celebration of their unique style. They dreamt of a wild, ombre color-blocked design that would set their special day apart. Their wedding was not just visually stunning; it was filled with playful touches.

Creating this extraordinary design was not just a task; it was a joyous adventure. We had an incredible time hand-selecting flowers for each color palette, watching the vision come to life with each bloom. The result was a masterpiece—a living rainbow that graced the design. One table was adorned in striking pink, gracefully transitioning into a lighter shade, then seamlessly evolving into a soft peach, before gradually embracing the warmth of orange and finally blending into a sunny yellow. This vivid journey continued as it flowed into a lush green table, evolved into a regal purple, and finally ended with the calming embrace of blue. It was a visual symphony of hues that left everyone in awe.


Planner/Designer: @bluethistleproductions

Photo & Video: Bride and Groom's friends

Lighting: @eventfactor

Prints: @cowgoesmoo


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